Tales of Blog Wars and Cannon Fodder

At the risk of putting our head into the lion’s mouth,[Sorry, I took that photo of Matt in Wellington last month and had to find a way to work it onto the blog…]

There is a war raging in the blogosphere, the war for first place in the Biblioblog rankings.

Intelligence reports claim that former first place holder, Jim West, kamikazied which apparently triggered Biblioblogs into a retreat (Jim’s obituaries and alleged sitings can be read here).

[Self-proclaimed] General John W. Loftus claimed victory at Debunking Christianity – see “Loftus Single Handedly Shut Down the Biblioblogger List! 😉” Not to be defeated so easily, the resistance kept the flames burning and launched a counter attack in the form of a shadow report.

When the dust settled Joel Watts of The Church of Jesus Christ found himself as the new leader. Wanting to put distance between himself and his closest rival, Jeremy Thompson of the Free Old Testament Audio Website Blog, who was already firing shots (and because no one ever expects an attack from down-under) Joel [codename “Polycarp”] began recruitment talks with MandM [codename “Dr and Mrs F”].

(We had just happened to stumble onto the battle field at a timely moment and since our own Alexa ranking of 181, 184 [176,529 this morning] places us firmly in the middle of the two adversaries, who have Alexa scores of 86,056 and 244,876 respectively, this gives us the potential to debut as the number 2 Biblioblog.)

However, our tale does not end here, before we’d even been officially issued with our Biblioblog uniforms, Polycarp began his offensive against Jeremy using us as cannon fodder.

The blog-battle was brutal – so brutal – but the results of the catapult attack, particularly, must be seen here on this blog if nothing but to serve as a warning to others:

It appears that Jeremy has surrendered (but not very gracefully) – see: Joel is Unpatriotic and Hates God and Animals

John W. Loftus seems to be running a counter campaign of his own. At 01:36am (NZ time) 4 Jan 10, General Loftus emailed this blog with the words “Hey congrats on the Alexa rankings,” but it appears this was a false truce on his part as he was spotted here refusing to put down his sword:

John W. Loftus said…

Madeline they used the wrong numbers my Alexa rank for the month was 163,446. I actually came in 3rd place. Right now it’s 157,735.

7:29 AM, January 03, 2010
John W. Loftus said…

For the last 7 days it’s 77,570.

7:30 AM, January 03, 2010

Alexa Headquarters can end this dispute – as of 12:29pm (NZ Time) 4 Jan 10:

MandM’s Alexa Stats: 176,529
Debunking Christianity’s Alexa Stats: 231,725

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