Nominations Now Open for the Best Blog Post

Nominations are now open for the best blog post on any topic published at any point in time on a blog whose general theme tends towards the biblical.

The prize is an Eisenbrauns Gift Certificate for the winner and of course prestige and one’s name in lights (well maybe bold font).

Nominees cannot nominate themselves… Anyone wishing to nominate a blog post should visit this link, September Giveaway – Eisenbrauns Gift Certificate(s), and simply leave the url for the nominated blog post in the comments section there.

Once all the nominations have been received there will be a voting period.

The nominator of the winning nominee will also receive a gift certificate.

Completely and totally changing subjects, here is a selection of what I consider to be some of Matt’s best blog posts ever (you may have your own favourites):
The Flat-Earth Myth
Confessions of an Anti-Choice Fanatic
Joshua and the Genocide of the Canaanites Series
666 The Number of the Beast
Sodom and Gomorrah Series
Ask, Seek, Knock – Treating God Like a Genie
A Response to The Dunedin School’s “Thinking in Tatters: Moral Relativism and Hidden Objectivist Assumptions”
Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Infantile Religious Morality
Evolution should not be taught in State Schools: A Defence of Plantinga Series
Fisking Margaret Mayman: The Flawed Moral Theology on the Smacking Referendum
John W. Loftus on The Christian Illusion of Moral Superiority Series
Belief without Proof: Is Belief in God Rational if there is no Evidence? Series
On a Common Equivocation
Cultural Confusion and Ethical Relativism Series
Gender in Genesis a take on Adam’s Rib
Rawls on Religion and Public Life
Texan Justice and Liberal fiction

Here are Matt’s favourite blog posts of mine:
Religious Restraint and Public Policy Series
Property Rights: Blackstone, Locke and the Legislative Scheme Series
Can State Expropriation of Minerals be Justified? Series
Don’t Apologise for Your Opinion
Of course I think I’m right!
Self-Reference and Little-p philosophy
Homosexuality and the Right-Wing Socialists
The Problem of Evil: Why does God Allow Suffering?
The Foreshore and Seabed Repeal: The Inconvenience of Due Process
The Inconsistent, Condescending, Paternalism of Left-Wing Feminism
In Defence of the Partial Defence of Provocation
Weight Watchers and the Historical Atrocities Argument

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