Visiting Spain, metaphorically…

The Apostle Paul never made it to Spain, but in Romans 15:22-24 he expresses his intention to do so. Alot of the time we say “we’re going to do this”, or “My dream is this…”. My dream is to minister to people and create an online community that grows in knowledge and understanding about God, and equips people to live an intelligent rational faith.

Will I ever succeed? I dont know, its up to God I guess. And I dont say that as an “oh well I dont have to do anything, God will do it all” kind of comment. I believe that if it is meant to succeed, then God will be the one who has sustained it, provided the opportunities and so forth. I will still have to do all the hard work 😛

But back to Paul, see, He wanted to go to Spain to minister to people there, but he never made it. That didnt stop the gospel, or God, because the message did get there in the end. But on the way he wrote Romans, one of the deepest, most powerful, confusing, interesting, theological, moving letters of all time.

Who knows what’s going to happen on the way to fulfilling a dream. Dont let the improbability of its success stop you. You might get there, or perhaps on the way you might write your own Romans…

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