Abiogenesis — Where is the Evidence?

It has been great contributing posts on this blog. It has also been great to interact with a number of people who do not subscribe to the creation model of the Universe. However, within a short period of time it has become clear that most of them have not done their homework.

My posts and discussions soon led to "abiogenesis" when one of the evolutionists introduced this term on this blog. Since then we have been looking at this topic because here is something that is hard science — both physics as well as chemistry, fields of study I love. Abiogenesis is just the opposite of biogenesis.

According to the Law of Biogenesis, life comes only from preexisting life. This is a firmly established law of science, and never has an exception ever been documented in any area of science. The aseptic practices in surgical theaters, pasteurization, and every other method to keep micro-organisms from spreading is based upon the law of biogenesis.

Abiogenesis, on the other hand, claims that initially life came from non-life. This is totally contrary to the law of biogenesis, which is an empirically established law of science, yet they insist that this has happened.

Once I started asking for hard data most of them pointed me to this book or that, probably hoping that the titles would suffice to convince me. However, spending a fortune I purchased every book that was available out of this list and that was available from this list, and some more. No sooner I read the first book, I realized that most of these people who suggested me to read the books had not done their homework. So I started posting reviews of these books and more are in the pipeline, so that my readers can understand the shallowness of their arguments and suggestions. Then came the icing on the cake — one of their own comes and tells me

Johnson is wasting his time reading these books (Disappointed Again, Comment 29)

So which of you guys has the truth about Abiogenesis. Alternately, would you guys first settle among yourselves as to what I should read and then give me the “approved list”?

[The post I promised on the 2nd law of thermodynamics is in the works!]

[Dr. Johnson C. Philip is a physicist, with expertise inter alia in Quantum-nuclear Physics, and has worked extensively on the inner quark-structure of Protons and Neutrons. He has also specialized in Christian Apologetics, Biblical Archeology, Journalism, Alternative Medicines, and several other fields]

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