Liston College: More Bullying!

Many of our readers have followed the bullying problem we had with Liston College. The blog post where we set out our problems with the students bullying of our son and the poor attitude and underwhelming response to it by the staff, at our son’s former school, has become one of our most read blog posts on MandM of all time.

According to one of Christian’s former classmates, the url to our blog post is “spreading through the school like a disease.” This student advised Christian to talk to us to see if we would agree to take the blog post down on the grounds that it “exaggerated what happened” and that “[he was] bullied because [he] annoyed the shit out of people.” (Christian has Aspergers Syndrome)

Christians response to this request was to re-read the post we wrote and all the comments on it. He then decided to write his own comment in the thread where he asked us to put all the abusive comments, left by his former bullies,  that we had deleted for his sake back up so they were publicly visible.

On consideration of his reasons, we have now done as he wished; if you visit the thread you will find all the x-rated, seriously abusive, sick comments along with the less abusive but warped-thinking ones that tend to run ‘yes he was bullied/I bullied him myself but he deserved it because…”

The former classmate last night wrote Christian another message, which included this extract:

“you are also making enemies with the wrong kind. you are lucky they dont know where you live. your house will be tagged and egged and whatever else you can think of if they knew. just be careful of what you say.”

Does Liston College have a have bullying problem? We’ll let you decide. But these blog posts will remain as we have no intention of being intimidated by Liston College’s bullies.

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