Pulse Check

We have not fallen off the face of the earth, just too much on. Auckland Bloggers drinks was very cool, extremely packed out and seriously a who’s who of blogging – for a list of who may or may not have been present see Ryan Sproull’s write up of the night.

We then went straight into the Family First Forum on Friday followed by dinner and drinks with a few bloggers, bloupies and others at the forum.

Then we hung out with Andy Moore who stayed with us til last night. Then we began writing blog posts but then it was 1am and we were not finished… church now so check in later.

If you want some Family First Forum tidbits, Big News has a few posts, Andy Moore has done a write up and if you are friends with David Farrar on Facebook he has half a dozen cryptic comments about things MP’s said on his front page, things said to MP’s that he Facebooked from the Forum (not that he conceded where he was):

David Farrar Just met a young guy from Destiny Church. Asked him his role there and he said he was bodyguard for Brian Tamaki. Hope he is paid well!

David Farrar Six questions so far to John Key – all on smacking so far. There are other issues!

David Farrar Heh John Key just said that he is happy to announce they are keeping the H in Helensville 🙂

David Farrar My name twin, David Farrier, is sitting next to me. Still can’t believe people sometimes confuse us!

David Farrar Rankin just attacked Goff big time. Not sure that is wise for a Families Commissioner.

David Farrar Goff has just said he used to smack his kids

David Farrar Heh. Someone inro’d themself to a MP as the No 1 NZ Christian Blogger. I quipped that must make me the No 1 hedonistic blogger 🙂

We’ll get our official report on the forum up later today.

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