Auckland Bloggers Drinks – This Thursday

On the first Thursday of every month, Auckland bloggers gather for the B3 (Bloggers Bar Bash).

What: Auckland Bloggers Drinks
Thursday 7 January from 6.30pm
Galbraiths, 2 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland

The B3, as it coined by regulars, is open to anyone who happens to be in Auckland. Past blogging celebrities in attendance include bloggers and bloupies (blog groupies – those who read blogs) from Annie Fox, Beretta, Cactus Kate,, Kiwiblog, Lolly Scramble, MandM, No Minister, Not PC, Roar Prawn, SOLO, State Highway One, The Fairfacts Media Show, Whaleoil and WHOAR. Rumours of MacDoctor and Bryan Spondre one day making an appearance regularly abound.

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