Merry Christmas from Thinking Matters

From all our contributors, we want to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. It’s been an encouraging year for us, and I’d like to thank our readers for providing us with plenty of thought-provoking debate and discussion. As you prepare for the Christmas festivities: travel, bbqs, and the swapping of presents, may you take the chance to get beyond the romantized picture of gentle shepards and starry nights to reflect on the scandalous but intimate message of Christmas:  the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. God’s saving purposes have entered history to renew the whole world. While we, in sinning, continue to put ourselves in the place only he deserves to be, God has substituted for us and put Himself where only man deserves to be. But if we recognize his Lordship and rely on his perfect work (and not ours), that kingdom power can come upon us and begin to work through us.

If you are after some reading during the celebration, here are some links from around the interwebs (cookies and milk not included):

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