Travis Eugene Burrell

A rape case in Hamilton has my attention. It has my attention because the accused, Travis Eugene Burrell, is the father of my two eldest children.

Some months past the police contacted me wanting his address, which I gave them. I had no idea why until a few hours ago when I discovered that today he was convicted of three counts of rape – I had no idea there were even any charges as communications between he and I have been very limited for several years.

I am aware that people are aware that I have a connection with the rapist. I remind those interested that I have two children to this man and as their mother my responsibility lies to them first and foremost. My sympathies are with the victim, her family, Travis’ partner and of course my children – all innocent victims in this mess.

My own story is just that – mine. I have never made any secret of my past, regular readers of this blog know I am a survivor of domestic violence so joining the dots as to who was the perpetrator is not difficult so I am not surprised to be in the receipt of emails and other contact with regard this matter.

At this point this is all I want to say. Please allow me some time to confer with my family, to talk things over with the police and my lawyer before expecting me to say more.

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