A Refutation of Zeitgeist – The Movie

Zeitgeist the MovementZeitgeist – The Movie is an internet phenomenon that has taken a lot of people in. I know several people who have seen it and have either been convinced by it or it has heavily rocked them. We’ve had commenters on this blog raising issues and asking questions which clearly have their roots in Zeitgeist. There is a global movement complete with a New Zealand chapter.

For me the claims in Zeitgeist are patently absurd, funny almost and I totally got what Glenn Peoples was on about when he said on Facebook “I swear, watching Zeitgeist is draining my IQ” but it is important to not dismiss the opportunity to take such a clearly influential phenomenon apart, examine the claims it makes and clearly demonstrate the flaws in it so that those who are rocked by it have a good resource to get their feet back on solid ground with. It also won’t hurt those of us immune to Zeitgeist’s charms to take the time to see how best to respond to it for the next time we encounter someone who has been swayed by its content.

For these reasons when Glenn asked for suggestions for his next podcast topic I suggested an analysis of Zeitgeist and for much the same reasons he leaped on it. Glenn has a PhD in Philosophy and a Masters and Bachelors in Theology. He is also a very lucid and clear thinker who makes the best podcasts which often have cool sound effects and original music. So grab a cuppa and sit back and listen to his podcast Episode 038: Zeitgeist (you’ll need a spare 55 minutes).

One of the accompanying links Glenn has with his podcast is a must-view. It is written by a non-Christian and it thoroughly examines the astrological claims made by Zeitgeist complete with astrological charts and diagrams. The author states:

“I prefer honesty in polemics. Some of the astronomical and astrological claims of Zeitgeist are simply wrong, and lead to a wrong impression of the origins of Jesus’ birth narrative. I hope to demonstrate scientifically why they’re wrong”.

The link to this is here: Zeitgeist Astronomy.

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