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What are the Problems?

It is not hard to explain why Big Government parties and politicians do well.  Almost without exception Big Government has two standard responses to any issue, problem, or vexation.  The first is that Government is indeed competent to solve the problem du jour.  The second is that (someone else’s) money will “prove” the competence of Government to make it all happen. Behind this lies a cultural compulsion to believe.  We want Government on the wall for us.

Are we worried about the risks of a rogue asteroid striking our country? Climate change?  Alien invasions? Child abuse? Poverty?  Employment?  Unable to walk on water? Dropping tourist numbers?  Poor results at Olympic Games? School truancy?  Whatever the problem Big Government has the answer and solution.  It will spend (more) money, creating the latest, greatest manifestation of bureaucratic scientific management, pursuant to some new laws and regulations and hey presto, problem solved. 

In almost every case, without exception, failure is the result.  The next response is expected and Pavlovian–true, things may not have gone as well as expected, yes there may well be continuing problems–but more (tax or borrowed) money will make the difference this time.  For sure. 

Why are successive generations of New Zealanders specifically (but Westerners in general) so stupid as to believe and hope in such obviously false nostrums?  How many times must we lurch from crumbling pillar to rotten post before we face up to the obvious? 

People alienated from God are desperate to believe in Big Government.  Without Government as the semi-divine problem solver they have no hope.  In the culture of Unbelief, what else is there?  To whom else can one appeal, petition, and pray?  In a galaxy far, far away we used to scorn ignorant primitives who left votive offerings at the altars of local deities to ensure good crops. But we have been overtaken by an ignorance that is every bit as credulous, stupid, and benighted.  Local idol deities have been replaced by the idol of Big Government.  Despite the failure of the deity at every hand, we still insist in believing, hoping, and devoting our loyalty and support. 

In our day there is nothing more heretical, more offensive to the ordinary man than to suggest that Big Government has no clothes on.  Such an idea cuts at the very quick of being itself.  Now, how different is our ignorance and plight resulting from our fervent belief in Big Government no-matter-what from the ancient bringing offerings to Ashtarte to secure an abundant crop? 

If Unbelief were honest with itself it would admit our culture is no different–just as credulous, just as stupid, just as superstitious, just as mindless.  But, no matter, the Government will do something about it.  Just you wait and see.  It will be different this time. 

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