Hear Matt’s EPS Apologetics Conference Paper in Advance & Eat 3 Courses for $10 – This Weekend in Auckland

We are going to the United States in November to, between us, give 4 talks to 4 different conferences that we have been invited to speak at (details below). We need to raise the funds to get there and so far we have raised about half of what we need thanks to the generosity of readers of this blog :-)

Sticky Date Pudding with Maple Butterscotch Sauce - recipe at Mad | FoodMassey Presbyterian Church (“MPC”) has offered to help us put on a fundraising night where both of us will utilise our talents to bring you a three-course meal for $10 cooked by me (I cook see my cooking website Mad | Food) and a talk given by Matt “Can God Command Evil? The Problem of Apparently Immoral Commands” – this will be a slightly abridged version of the very same talk Matt will give to the EPS Apologetics conference in November so make sure you don’t miss it or you’ll have to fly to San Francisco to hear it!

This event is happening this weekend at the MPC Night Church Service on Sunday 2 October. The starter and main will be served to your table before the service and the dessert will be served after. So please arrive at 6pm to be seated if you are coming for dinner; the service will start at 7pm.


(Diners choose 1 from each category)


Creamy Tomato Soup – home made, mildly spiced (gluten free)

MPC Bread – fresh-baked individual loaf with hummus

White Chilli Chicken Enchilada – chicken, cannellini beans and mild mexican flavours in a delicious sauce wrapped and baked in a tortilla (Gluten free option: served without the tortilla on rice)

Beef Lasagne – tasty beef mince, layered with pasta and topped with a cheese sauce

Empanadas – mildly spiced, creamy vegetable and chickpea curry encased in flaky puff pastry topped with poppy seeds, served with chutney on the side (vegetarian) (Gluten free option: served without the pastry on rice)

* All mains served with your choice of crunchy slaw or steamed winter vegetables

Berry Bombe with Boysenberry Coulis – Home made ice-cream with crushed meringue, marshmallows and berries topped with home made boysenberry sauce. (Gluten free)

Chocolate Tiramisu – layers of coffee-rum flavour infused chocolate sponge and cream (alcohol free)

Sticky Date Pudding with Maple Butterscotch Sauce – light, fluffy and so delicious!

Non-alcoholic beverages will also be available.

Donations towards our trip gratefully received :-)  

(If you can’t eat a whole three-course meal or you want two of something individual prices are: entree $2, main $5, dessert $3)  

Please use the Facebook Page to RSVP and invite others.

MandM in America

12 Nov – University of Notre Dame, Indiana
Madeleine will give a paper entitled: “No Privileges, No Penalties” and the De-Privileging of Secularism” (essentially: what the role of religion should be in public life) to the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture’s Flagship Fall Conference Radical Emancipation: Confronting the Challenge of Secularism.

16 Nov – Evangelical Philosophical Society, San Francisco
Matt will give a paper entitled: “Can Traditional Theism Provide an Adequate Foundation for Morality? A Reply to Walter Sinnott-Armstrong‘s Critique of William Lane Craig?” (essentially: a defence of Christian morality) to the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical Society.

19 Nov – Evangelical Philosophical Society Apologetics Conference, San Francisco 
Matt will give a paper entitled: “Can God Command Evil? The Problem of Apparently Immoral Commands” (essentially: an answer to the problem of evil commands) to the annual Evangelical Philosophical Society Apologetics Conference (Speakers participate by personal invitation only).

19 Nov – Society for Biblical Literature, San Francisco
We will give a joint paper entitled: “Blogging a Short-Cut to Peer Review: How to do it Effectively” (essentially: on using the platform of blogging to influence culture effectively) to the Annual Meeting of the Society for Biblical Literature.

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