Why Defend Christianity? Hear Matthew Flannagan speak on Thursday

Matt is speaking for Thinking Matters on the topic Why Defend Christianity? This coming Thursday, from the Facebook Event:

Matthew Flannagan“The Christian faith seems increasingly at odds with those in the world around us. From the media, to skeptical teachers and unbelieving peers, the gospel seems irrelevant and out of date. How do we talk to others about God and the Bible? Can we really argue people into the kingdom of God? Or should we just focus on compassion and loving others? Next Thursday, Thinking Matters Auckland is hosting Christian theologian Dr Matt Flannagan to speak on these questions and more. Matt will examine the Biblical and practical evidence for defending Christianity and show why it is vital to knowing and communicating our faith in the 21st Century. The event is free, so come along and bring a friend.

Matt is a theologian and prominent New Zealand Christian commentator, debater, and blogger. He specialises in applied ethics and the interface between philosophy and theology. Currently, Matt works part-time as a teaching pastor and youth group leader for Takanini Church of Christ while he runs the popular blog MandM with his wife Madeleine.

Thinking Matters is a New Zealand Christian ministry that exists to encourage the life of the mind in the love of God.”

Thursday 4 April @ 7.30pm @ Auckland Chinese Presbyterian Church, 105 Vincent Street, Auckland, New Zealand

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