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Empty Slogans

We have commented previously upon the galactically stupid “marketing” line: “100% Pure New Zealand”. It’s deceptive and misleading.  It is a rod for our own back.  But help is at hand.  The Prime Minister, John Key who is also Tourism Minister has gravely informed us that this slogan is marketing spin.  It’s not to be taken seriously.  Thanks for clearing that up, Mr Key. 

On Saturday, Prime Minister John Key, who is also tourism minister, told a National Party conference the slogan was not meant to be taken literally.(Stuff)

In the interests of clarity, and for the avoidance of doubt, we believe that this slogan is irresponsible and inadequate.  It needs further clarification.

This is a Slogan–Not to be Taken Literally

With this necessary clarification, we are more than happy to see “100% Pure New Zealand” retained.  But then it loses everything, does it not?  Which is the very point we are making.  The slogan only has traction and power if it is believed to be largely (if not entirely) true.  Which is to say that the slogan is deceptive and misleading. 
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