Gratitude in the details

A lot of posts I have read in the last day have focused on blessing because it is American Thanksgiving. This is not a tradition or holiday here, though I wanted to mention how much we can express gratitude to God. Not generalities but specifics. And even within specifics more specificity.

Take a simple pleasure like warmth. I really like warmth. But how many ways does God allow me to take pleasure in this one simple sense. I am grateful for

  • A warm bath
  • A warm fire on a cold night
  • A hot meal for dinner
  • A warm wife to hold in bed
  • A warm spa outside on a snowy day
  • Nerves that sense temperature and a brain that interprets nerve signals as warmth
  • That God invented such a pleasure as warmth so that his creatures can enjoy it

God’s gifts are not only expansive all the way up, they are expansive all the way down.
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