Sitting under the fig tree: Looking at Encounters with Jesus in John’s Gospel and Now… February to Easter at St Peter’s

 Leading up to Easter this year I will be continuing preaching my way through John’s Gospel. lASt year we looked at the I am Sayings in John’s gospel, what Jesus had to say about the Holy Spirit in John’s Gospel and Christmas through the lens of the prologue to John’s Gospel.
I’ve called this series “Sitting Under The Fig Tree’ picking up what Jesus said to Nathaniel in John 1:48, which prompted his response in v 49 “Rabbi you are the Son of God, you are the King of Israel’ and to actively follow Jesus.
It is an evocative image for me to take a seat and allow Jesus to meet with us… That is my hope that will happen in a fresh and new way as we explore peoples encounters with Jesus in John’s Gospel. 
I’ve used the subtitle “looking at Encounters with Jesus and my hope is that it wound just be looking at them, but that we may meet with Jesus in new ways in our lives today.
If your about Auckland or find this blog feel free to sit down and join us.  
February 2nd
John 1:35-50
Philip and Nathaniel Come and follow
February 9th
John 3:1-21
Nicodemus:- New Life
February 16th
John 4:1-37
The Samaritan women
February 23rd
John 4:43-54
The Officials Son
March 2nd
John 5:1-14
The man at the pool… Do you want to be well?
March 9th lent starts
John 6:1-15
The Five thousand
March 16th
John 6:60-71
Those who deserted Jesus. It is too tough.
March 23rd
John 9:1-12, 35-41
The man born Blind. Sight to the blind and spiritual blindness
March 30th
John 11:1-44
Mary Martha and Lazarus… comfort and life in the face of death.
April  6th
John 12:1-11
The Woman in Bethany
April 13th
John 12:12-36
The Passover crowd.
   April 18th Good Friday
 John 19
At the cross
 April 20th Easter Sunday
 John 20
On the First Day
after Easter I’ll be preaching a series on the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts called Fire and Wind.

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