Inglorious Ignominy

More Comedy and Farce

Well, the Politicians’ Circus has most certainly delivered once again.  Riotous entertainment and belly laughs all around. 

We arose yesterday to read that the Mana Party (which mixes Maori separatist superiority and spurious sovereignty claims with far left-wing radical politics, professing undying loyalty to the poor, the dispossessed, and the oppressed) has married up with the Internet Party–a creation of a convicted criminal who just happens to be a multi-millionaire facing extradition to the US to face charges on racketeering.  It was long foreshadowed, but nevertheless does not cease to tickle the funny bone every time we reflect upon the “truth is stranger than fiction” aspect of the political conniptions of our day.

But it has got even more hilarious.
  One Leila Harre, ardent unionist and defender of the rights of working people, has joined the Internet Party as its political leader.  Kim Dotcom, the owner and bank-roller of the Internet Party (and now the Mana Party) has a notorious track record of not paying his staff even the minimum wage, of withholding their wages, and of not paying creditors.  He represents everything the ardent socialists of Mana and Leila Harre profess to abhor and despise–and point to a long track record of grievance mongering to back it up.   

Leila, you’ve got me on my knees, Leila . . . with laughter.  (Apologies to Eric Clapton.)  Once Leila would have been out on the barricades protesting Dotcom’s unjust exploitation of workers and creditors–the essence of Marxist evil incarnate–but now, he’s Leila’s friend, buddy, and all round good guy.  All his former sins have been wiped away and forgotten.  What’s a bit of egregious worker exploitation amongst friend?  Do as I say, but not as I do, eh Leila.

What could possibly have motivated her to make this move?  The same motivation as Hone Harawira has had.  Money.  When politicians are involved–particularly those on the Left–always follow the money.  The money trail will almost always give you the real picture of what’s going down.  For the Left, money represents power and the path to power.  Capital (money) in the Marxist world-view represents power to exploit, control, and rule. And the Left wants it.

No doubt Leila is self-righteously telling herself that while it may be true that in Kim’s hands his money has been misused, in her hands it will be very different.  She will take his filthy lucre and turn it into something pure and white.  Like the One Ring, she will use it for good.  She will use it to stand up for the dispossessed and the poor.  At least that is what the Mana Party think, and Leila seems to have joined them in their delusions. 

Never in the history of human sanctimony has so much hypocrisy been displayed by so few, in the attempt to bamboozle so many.  Thus passes Marxism in all its inglorious ignominy. 

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