An Opportunity Gone Begging

The Dark Arts

Those of our readers who think that the dark arts of politics are a waste of time and space, read no further.  To those who yet remain diverted by the stupidity and pettiness of our national blood sport, read on.

One of the great entertainments in NZ politics in recent years has been the love-hate relationship between two left-wing parties, Labour and the Greens.  The Greens are the spill bucket when Labour is losing electoral support.  Voters disenchanted with their Labour party don’t vote for the opposition, they vote for the Greens, if they vote at all.  Thus, when Green electoral support is on the rise, bet the bank that Labour support is waning.  While ideological compatriots, this electoral reality makes the Greens competitors of Labour and vice-versa.

An old political adage has it, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.
  Wherever possible, bring them inside the tent, thereby neutering them (politically speaking, of course).  The neophyte Labour leader, Andrew Little just lost a golden opportunity to do that with the Greens.  As titular leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition he had the chance to bring the de-facto sole leader of the Greens, Meteria Turei to heel.  He could have nominated Turei to sit alongside him on the Intelligence and Security Committee.  This would effectively had neutered Turei from spouting the madcap nonsense that has become her trademark when it comes to state surveillance and national security.  Turei is the national security equivalent of a flat-earther.  There ain’t no national security threats as we knew them, baby.  It’s a myth foisted upon us by big business.  The only real threats to our security are those projecting out from Big Oil and global warming.

This has allowed Turei the luxury of appealing to the fringe Left on more than one occasion, fellow flat-earthers all, and geo-centrics to boot.  Offering the position on the committee to Turei would have put her in an exquisitely difficult position.  Either she would have refused the invitation, which would mark her out as the incendiary zealot that she is, or she would have joined the committee and had to face up to the realities and risks before us.  At the very least it would have weakened her far-Left cred, and therefore her appeal to Labour’s fringes. It would have neutered a persistent criticism of Labour by the Greens.

Stolid Andy Little needs to learn a lot.  When it comes to the Game of Thrones he is a novice.  The Dark Arts are either beneath him, or he just does not have it in him.  Time will tell.  

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