given by covenant

May 2015 (30)Isaiah 42:1-8

1 Watch! my servant; I hold him, my chosen one, my soul thrills. I have given my spirit to him; he will bring justice forth to the nations. 2 He will not cry out and lift up and make his voice heard in the street. 3 He will not break a broken reed, and he not will extinguish a dim wick. He will faithfully bring justice forth. 4 He will not grow faint, and he will not be broken until he has established justice in the land. And coastlands wait for his teaching. 5 Thus says the God, Yahveh, who created the skies and stretched them out, who spread out the land and its offspring, who gives breath to the people upon it and spirit to those who walk in it. 6 “I am Yahveh; I have righteously called you, and I have grabbed your hand and watched over you; and I have given you by covenant to the people, as a light for the nations, 7 to open the blind eyes, to bring the prisoner out from the dungeon, those who sit darkly from the house of imprisonment. 8 I am Yahveh; that is my name, and I do not give my glory to another, nor my praise to the idols.

given by covenant

Isaiah will soon introduce a coming king named Cyrus, who Yahveh will take by the hand and bring about judgment upon his enemies. But this passage does not describe him. It describes a teacher, who will quietly and unobtrusively go about sharing a message of holiness and peace. Also, unlike Cyrus, who does his work in the name of Persia, this amazing servant who comes later will take the LORD’s own name, and share his glory. God gives this servant by covenant to his people. I think we all know who that was.

LORD, thank you for the covenant gift of your Servant, Jesus Christ.

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