Secular Statists Wasting No Time

Ahab and Jezebel Redivivus

Imagine a world where the government of the day declared that opposition to abortion must end in the name of a tolerant society.  Those groups and individuals who opposed abortion must be restrained, restricted, and punished by law.  No medical professionals were to be permitted on the grounds of conscience to remove themselves from murderous termination procedures.  No doctor would be permitted not to consent and facilitate all abortions sought by patients.  Any doctor who refused to arrange abortions for clients of his or her respective practices would be fined, and even stripped of their practising certificates.

There are plenty of Unbelievers who would rejoice at this and see it as a great leap forward.  They would regard it as enlightened public policy and judicial interdiction.  They would fulsomely support such appropriate punishments.

We are now entering precisely that world in the West.  The present front line, however, is not over abortion; it is homosexual marriage.  Governments currently feel themselves somewhat constrained in the matter of abortion because it does not enjoy strong public support.  In fact due to the sterling work by many Christians and churches, support for abortion is waning.  But homosexual “marriage” is a different case.  And if a pagan, secularist state can, it will.  Before you can say, “I told you so”.

Thus Scotland is proposing draconian controls to enforce not just society’s acceptance of homosexuality and homosexual “marriage” but to punish those who refuse to support and celebrate it.  This, from The Telegraph:

Scottish parents ‘cannot withdraw children from all gay marriage lessons’

Parents face being forced to allow their children to learn about gay marriage regardless of their religious beliefs, under Scottish ministers’ plans to legalise the practice. 

The Scottish Government said they will forbid parents removing children from all lessons where gay marriage is discussed, even in primary school, as this could harm “a child’s right to receive an education”.  The Lord Advocate will also issue new guidelines on prosecuting opponents of same-sex marriage who have been deemed to have committed a breach of the peace or displayed “threatening or abusive behaviour”.

We are also seeing the perverse, corrupt reasoning put forward to justify such draconian positions.

Existing exemptions covering sex education and religious lessons will remain, but parents will not be allowed “to withdraw children from any lesson where same sex marriage, civil partnerships or homosexuality might be mentioned.” According to the consultation paper, the move would breach the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which protects their right to an education.

So, let’s get this straight.  The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child protects the right of the child to an education.  Sadly, and predictably, the inane UN Convention never took the time to specify the content of the education to which the child had a right.  Now we see how it actually works.  Each member state determines the content; the UN Convention prohibits parents from withdrawing their children from propaganda which violates their conscience and beliefs.  Statism takes a quantum leap.

Had the UN Convention been in existence at the time, it would have been fulsomely employed to justify the existence and relentless propaganda programme of organisations like Hitler Youth.  To withdraw the child from such brain washing would have been a gross violation of the rights of the child to an education and doubtless the UN Convention would have be invoked by the self-righteous Nazis.  

The Scottish Government has decided that the Living God is a non-existent idiot, a relic of a primitive and distant past.  His prescriptions for marriage are anti-human.  Thus the time is nigh when no parent can serve God and remain an obedient servant of the Scottish Government.

Oh, no–say the Scottish sophists.  That’s not it at all.

Neither do they want instant disciplinary action for teachers who refuse to teach gay marriage, with councils advised to discuss the issue and take into account religious beliefs. However, the consultation warned staff they must follow the profession’s code of conduct on “equality and diversity”. This states they must act in accordance with the law in a “non-judgemental” manner regardless of their personal “values and beliefs”.

Every teacher who fails to follow the profession’s code of conduct on “equality and diversity” will likely be struck off as guilty of serious professional misconduct.  But in a sterling concession to the beliefs of parents and teachers, their respective consciences are to be formally recognised.  It’s OK for a teacher (or a parent) to have personal values and beliefs.  Of course it’s OK.  It’s just that they must not act according to those beliefs in the classroom.  We now have the totally bizarre situation where both parents and teachers must hang up their beliefs at the door of the school, and bow to Baal and his declarations about marriage and families and human sexuality. They must teach fulsomely the religion of Baal to the nation’s children.   That’s secularist, atheistic equality and diversity folks.

Ah, the intellectual poverty and perverse self-deceit.  Who would have thought?  We predict a huge expansion in both Christian private schools and enrolments as a result. It cannot come to soon, in our view. 

Elijah once fled to Sinai, fearing that he alone was left serving the Lord in the land of Israel. The Lord informed him that thousands in that land had not yet bowed the knee to Baal.  Ahabs and Jezebels–petty tyrants all–come and go.  The Word of the Lord stands forever.  His people will not bow to a statist god.  And their children belong to the Lord, not to the perverse tyrannies of the Scottish Government.

Last time we checked there were not many public monuments erected to honour Ahab and Jezebel in Scotland.  Let the authorities take note:

‘Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!’
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

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