When Migrants Reach the West Their Zeal Grows

Not It At All

When dealing with issues like the migrant wave now hitting European shores, Progressivism lurches from naivete to credulity, then to outrage, and then back again.  It’s world-view, which requires denying some fundamental truths,  leaves it gasping and unable to cope.

A fundamental problem with Progressive ideology is its fervent belief in the righteousness and perfectibility of man.  All men are inherently good.  All evil, all violence is extrinsic to man.  It is environmental.  It is the product of bad teaching, hard circumstances, lack of training, oppression, and so forth.  Therefore, the naive Progressive expectation is that when Islamic migrants turn up to Europe’s playgrounds, the attitudes and habits of the migrants will change.  It is simply assumed that each migrant will seamlessly elide into being a card carrying Westerner, indoctrinated and incarnated into the values and belief of Progressive liberalism.   

The assumption runs like this: migrants (by definition) are amongst the poor and the wretched of the earth.  Their circumstances have created and nurtured their primitive ideologies and beliefs.  Once they get to the West, all that will necessarily change because their circumstances will change: interior beliefs always follow external, environmental circumstances.   They will soon integrate and become “good people”. 

What Progressive ideologues don’t grant, in their arrogant condescension, is that migrant Islamic people have deep and abiding convictions about their world-view.  By their lights, the rest of the world owes them their rights to practice their beliefs–not just in the privacy of their own homes–but in the public square.  They are the morally superior; the West is effete, immoral, and damned.
  They have an Allah-given right to “islamize” territory, cities, towns.  Islamic folk with the merest skerrick religious belief believe in the ultimate defeat of all rebellion against Allah and idolatrous practice.  Now, with Unbelief on all sides, the threat becomes bigger, so they double down.  Completely contrary to the naive doctrines of Progressivism, moving to the West in and of itself becomes a radicalising force amongst Islamic migrants. 

In other words, far from moving quickly to adopting urbane naive Progressive beliefs, once they hit Europe and see Progressivism face-to-face, the migrants double down and become more aggressive, more demanding, more radicalised. 

Whilst Progressives in Europe are responding in shock, we can expect to see more and more of the kind of event that unfolded in Sweden recently:

Swedish Lawmakers Attended Pro-Palestinian Rally Featuring Arabic Chants of ‘Slaughter the Jews’

Sharona Schwartz

The Israeli ambassador to Sweden has protested after pro-Palestinian demonstrators shouted violent slogans Sunday encouraging terrorism against Israelis including a call to “slaughter the Jews.” A left-wing Swedish lawmaker who attended the rally, however, said she had thought the protesters were simply chanting “freedom, freedom.”

“There were explicit calls in Arabic that urge to ‘slaughter the Jews,’ ‘stab soldiers,’ to carry out ‘terror attack after terror attack’ while referring to the knife killers as ‘heroes’ and urging to ‘start a 3rd Intifada’…!” Israeli Ambassador Isaac Bachman posted on Facebook.

“These are extremely troubling instances of a grotesque but nevertheless very real — and murderous — incitement which must be dealt with by the full force of the law!” he added.  Two left-wing members of the Swedish Parliament were later criticized for attending the rally.

Hillevi Larsson of the Social Democratic Party, a lawmaker who attended the rally wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh scarf, told Swedish Radio that someone standing next to her at the demonstration told her that the Arabic slogans were calling for “freedom.”  “I was told they chanted ‘freedom, freedom — the holiest word,’” Larsson said.  After learning the violent meaning of the chants, Larsson wrote on Twitter, “I condemn all violence — particularly violence against civilians. I also condemn slogans inciting violence!”

Radio Sweden reported that Daniel Sestrajcic of the Left Party said he left the rally before the chanting began.  “I think it seems awful and it’s not something I, in any way, would stand for,” he said.  Israeli Ambassador Bachman’s wife, Osnat, wrote, “Swedish people: Is this what you believe in? Is this what you bargained for? Are these your morals? Since I know the answers I feel ashamed in your name.”

The militant and implacable rejection of those seen as enemies serves to embolden and confirm the migrants in their Islamic faith.  Such rallies are a cathartic rite of purification, a call to arms, a reaffirmation of the migrants commitment to Islam.  It is their distinctive.  It is their identity.  What is also going up in smoke, however, is the naive, condescending world-view of the Progressivism–a faith that  Sweden has clung to for so long. 

Effete Western Progressives are, like Prufrock, left limpidly protesting,  “That is not what I meant at all.    That is not it, at all.”


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