December 2015 (30)Ecclesiastes 2:20-23

20 So I turned completely around and gave my heart up to discouragement over all the work of my projects under the sun, 21 because when a man who has worked with wisdom and knowledge and skill must leave everything to be enjoyed by someone who did not work for it. This also is transient and a great evil. 22 What does a man get from all the work and heart striving with which he works beneath the sun? 23 Because all his days are full of disappointment, and his work is an aggravation. Even in the night his heart cannot rest. Even this will not last.


Solomon had a crisis of confidence. That confident ambition which had driven him all his life to become the greatest with the most – suddenly did a 180° turn. He had spent his life working at a legacy, only to realize that it would be lost in time. He looked at his children, and did not see the drive in them which had been his heartbeat. It was as if the work projects themselves were his children, and he was going to leave them as orphans. It left him bitter and disillusioned – his greatness suddenly deflated.

But in the midst of that great regret, God was doing his miraculous work. Solomon would have a lasting legacy after all, and many would benefit from it. His legacy is found within the pages of the three books attributed to him in scripture. His words help people to get a grasp on reality instead of walking in the darkness of self-delusion.

LORD, deflate our prideful, empty hopes, fill us with the desire to walk with you, and build your kingdom, not our own.

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