the badge


January 2016 (30)Ecclesiastes 8:1-3

1 There is nothing like the wise person — someone who knows the interpretation of a thing. A man’s wisdom can make his face shine, and change the hardness in his face. 2 I warn you to obey the king’s command, because you affirmed before God that you would. 3 Do not hurry to get out of his presence. Do not take your stand in partnership with evil, because he will do whatever he pleases.

the badge

I made a mistake in judgment on the road. I knew it was a mistake when I was doing it, I am sorry I did it, and I am grateful nobody got hurt. Someone behind me saw it, called the police, and in a few minutes, I was pulled over. The man with the badge was gracious to me, but he had all the authority he needed if he felt I needed more than just a talk.

Obeying the law – or, as Solomon calls it, the king’s command – is something we should seek to do because we affirmed before God that we would. It is not just about fearing the badge. It is a test of integrity.

LORD, give us the discernment to be obedient to the law at all times because of our relationship to you.

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