inextricably linked

May 2016 (31)

1 Corinthians 15:20-22

1Co 15:20 Except Christ has been raised from among the dead ones now — the first to be harvested from among the sleeping ones.
1Co 15:21 Because since death originated through a man, resurrection from the dead ones will also originate through a man.
1Co 15:22 Because just as everyone in Adam is dying, in the same way everyone in Christ will be made alive.

inextricably linked

Paul had made the point that the gospel is not the gospel without the resurrection. Now he shows how inextricable the message of the resurrection is with our knowledge of Christ himself.

  • Christ is not the first to have ever died, but he is the first to be harvested — the first to ever come back from the dead permanently. All the dead have fallen asleep to await a resurrection. Only Christ has been permanently woken up from that sleep.
  • Adam made a choice to disobey in Eden, whech led to death. Christ made a choice to obey in Gethsemane, which led to life again.
  • The difference is going to be whether you are in Christ of simply in Adam. All those in Christ will be made alive when he returns.

The hope of the gospel is inextricably linked to the fact of Christ’s resurrection, and absolutely necessitates the resurrection of believers at his return.

LORD, come again, and rescue us from the sleep of death.

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