when democracy fails us

marmsky devotions July 2016 (1)

Leviticus 4:13-21

Lev 4:13 “If the whole congregation of Israel makes a mistake inadvertently and the thing is hidden from the eyes of the collected assembly, and they do any one of the things that by Yahveh’s commandments ought not to be done, and they realise their offence,
Lev 4:14 when the mistake which they have made becomes known, the collected assembly will offer a bull from the herd for a mistake offering and bring it in front of the conference tent.
Lev 4:15 And the elders of the congregation will lay their hands on the head of the bull in Yahveh’s sight, and the bull will be killed in Yahveh’s sight.
Lev 4:16 Then the anointed priest will bring some of the blood of the bull into the conference tent,
Lev 4:17 and the priest will dip his finger in the blood and spritz it seven times in Yahveh’s sight in front of the veil.
Lev 4:18 And he will put some of the blood on the horns of the altar that is in the conference tent in Yahveh’s sight, and the rest of the blood he will pour out at the base of the altar of ascending offering that is at the entrance of the conference tent.
Lev 4:19 And all its fat he will take from it and burn on the altar.
Lev 4:20 Thus will he do with the bull. As he did with the bull of the mistake offering, so will he do with this. And the priest will provide reconciliation for them, and they will be forgiven.
Lev 4:21 And he will carry the bull outside the camp and burn it up as he burned the first bull; it is the mistake offering for the collected assembly.

when democracy fails us

In a democratic society, the will of the whole people is intended to protect the community from the avarice and corruption of the privileged few. But there are times when democracy fails us, because the will of the whole people leads the entire nation to fail God.

The mistake offering for the collected assembly was a provision for reconciling the entire nation of Israel when they had collectively gone astray. It was a way of dealing with the estrangement from God caused by collective sin. Without it, no revival could occur. Because once a nation rebels, the covenant has been breached. So, God lovingly provided a way to rescue his people from their own rebellion.

LORD, thank you for the gift of democracy. Thank you as well for a way to repent for democracy gone wrong.

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