God’s Great Love… a prayer of thanks giving and confession

once again just a simply prayer for our church service this week. 

What great love you have for us God,

We are fearfully and wonderful made, each unique one off’s

You know us so well, you saw us in our mother’s wombs

While some of us might want to have words with you about it

The psalmist tells us you even know the number of hairs on our head

You know our comings in and going out, our times are in your hands

You know our needs even before we ask you

And you see the deep hidden things at the very core of us,

Both the good and prise worthy and the pains and wounds of our heart

What great love you have for us

What great love you have shown us

We had gone our own way and turned our backs

Yet you sent your son to make a way for us to come back to you

Jesus emptied himself and became one of us, a servant

Preached and proclaimed Good news to the poor

Healed the sick and set the captives free,

Gave sight to the blind, both physical and spiritual

He willing gave up his life for the forgiveness of our sins,

Being betrayed and falsely accused, he dies on the cross

But you raised him to life again and he is seated at your right hand

What great love you have shown us

What great love we experience from you

In Christ’s death and resurrection, we are forgive and have new life,

We know your abiding presence because you have sent your Holy Spirit

That fulness of life is eternal because it is lived in you, eternal God

We were distant and estranged, you called us together as your people

Brothers and sister in Christ, with those next to us and round the world

You provide our needs through the wonder of your creation

You provide for our needs in answering our prayers

We find meaning and purpose in serving you by loving others

What great love we experience from you

Your faithful love is new every morning

So today we come and ask your forgiveness

We have done things that you have said we should not

We have left undone the good you have told us to do

We acknowledge that we have sinned forgive us Lord we pray

Because you are faithful we know we are forgiven and made new

Today we ask for a fresh filling of your spirit

Today we ask that you may help us to love as Christ loved

Today we say glory to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Your faithful love is new every morning

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