little one

marmsky December 2017 (29)devotional post # 2245

Numbers 2:5-6

Num 2:5  Those to camp next to him will be the tribe of Issachar, the general from the sons of Issachar being Nethanel the son of Tsuar,
Num 2:6  his company as mustered being 54,400.

little one

General Nethanel came from the family of Tsuar, whose name meant “little one.” Theirs was not the smallest tribe, so his name probably reflects his stature, at least at birth. Tsuar probably faced a few giants in his life, and learned to lean on God’s stature instead of his own. Leadership always requires us to trust beyond our abilities and strength.

LORD, thank you that size does not matter when we are following your call. Our littleness is matched by your mightiness.

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